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Update : Dec. 2003 - Feb. 2004

Here is the list of Items I have around me.
Sorry, These collections Are Not for sell! They are MINE!

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Blackstar Toys 80'
BS_Toys_1 BS_Toys_6 BS_Toys_14
BS_Toys_2 BS_Toys_7 BS_Toys_13
BS_Toys_3 BS_Toys_8 BS_Toys_12
BS_Toys_4 BS_Toys_9 BS_Toys_11
BS_Toys_5 BS_Toys_10

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New Look Blackstar Toys
BS_NewLookToy_1 BS_NewLookToy_2 BS_NewLookToy_3

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Blackstar T-Shirts

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Blackstar Postcards And Posters
BS_PostCard_2 Blackstar -First Post Card came out...But It looks different but its still the same.. Balkar and Mara and Blackstar Have a differnet looks.. Blackstar is riding a Gunk not Warlock the Dragon Horse
BS_PostCard_1 Blackstar- Second Post Card I have a Space Ship heading to the Planet Sagar "Zagar".
BS_Poster_1 Blackstar- First Poster I have gotten from a Friend in France that did the text.. But the Artwork is done by me in the Late 80's..
Poster-Blackstar-Poster-A2-SM-01 Blackstar-Second Poster From France. This Poster was made by me but the Text is made by a special friend   the same time.

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Blackstar Comic
This New but Old First Blackstar Comic from France made by Strange LUG the Artist and writter is Jean Yves Mitton. There is no USA Blackstar Comic.This is a copy Scan from a friend in Canada. A Beautiful piece! But, I will have some version of the comic on line free for all Blackstar Fans. There will be a One of each Lanuages  English, French, Spanish and German. Soo please be patience.

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Blackstar Art By Jean Yves Mitton
BS_JYM_Art2 This Art work was done in the year 2001. Artist J.Y. Mitton.
BS_JYM_Art1 Another New Artwork By J.Y. Mitton. Done in the year 2003.

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Blackstar Animation Cels
Here is some cels I have gotten from Van Eaton Galleries...
BS_Cel_1 BS_Cel_2
BS_Cel_3 BS_Cel_4
BS_Cel_5 BS_Cel_6

Here is the two same but different Cels of Blackstar riding Warlock..
Got them from Van Eaton Galleries..

BS_Cel_7 BS_Cel_8

I got this cel from Lewis Galleries. It use to be on Ebay..
But they call this cel Blackstarr with two "R's".
I finely call them and they let me buy it from them...
WOW COOLIES!! Its mine now.. :)


I won this very nice cel set on Ebay from Amazing Adventures..
Nice clip from the epsiode "Mermaids of the Serpent Sea".


More Blackstar Cels is coming, And Still looking out for them.

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